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The evolution of FOMO SAPIEN is a humorous trip through time, tracing the development of our species' most primal instinct - the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on the latest crypto meme tokens.

We start with the 'Fominid,' our earliest crypto enthusiasts, who couldn't resist aping on every coin they came across.

As time progresses, we witness the emergence of 'FOMO Habilis,' cryptos early DEGENS who are just starting to grasp the potential of meme tokens but are already panicking about missing out on the next big thing.

'FOMO Erectus' represents the era when social media platforms started buzzing with crypto trends, and our ancestors tirelessly scrolled their feeds in search of moonshots.

With 'FOMO Neanderthalensis,' tribal rivalries in the crypto world became intense, as enthusiasts competed fiercely for early access to the most bullish meme tokens.

Finally, we arrive at 'FOMO SAPIEN,' the modern day DEGEN who lives and breathes meme tokens, swapping, and staking, constantly fearing that one might miss out on the next billion dollar moonshot.







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